Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sword Fight Instructions

Press the green button on your side to attack or block.
The first fighter to push the button attacks and the second fighter to push the button blocks. 
If the attack is blocked then both fighters can attempt to start another attack.
If the attack is not blocked then the attacking fighter scores a hit against the blocking fighter.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cricket with Friends Instructions

Each time one of your team members plays, fill out a scorecard for him.

As the season progresses, compare your scores with your friends to see how you are doing.

At then end of the cricket season see who wins!  Maybe put some money on the game to make it more interesting...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Y Tap Instructions

Clear all the blocks of your color by tapping them.  The first to clear all of their blocks is the winner!
You can slow down your opponent by stacking his color blocks.  To do this, drag one of his blocks across others of the same color.  These blocks will form a stack, and require many more taps to make the blocks all disappear.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Play N Wish Merry XMas turns finding Christmas cards into a gaming adventure!

Play N Wish Merry XMas is a unique Christmas gaming extravaganza that lets players compete in games to earn points which can be traded in for beautiful e-Christmas cards. This is the only game available on the App Store that turns players’ points into rewards that unlock digital Christmas cards which they can send to their friends and family via email! The goal is simple: Play the app’s four diverse mini-games to your heart’s content, unlock every possible holiday card, and spread Christmas cheers.  

An awesome seasonal treat, Play N Wish Merry XMas is currently available for download on the Apple App Store in the Games category. 

The games in this unique Christmas adventure are addicting enough to ensure that if players aren’t motivated to rack up points to unlock e-cards, they’ll play for the simply pleasure of enjoying engaging holiday games. To boot, this unique holiday game features original Christmas tunes to get players in the holiday mood while playing! With four games to choose from Play N Wish Merry XMas offers something for everyone! In Catch It, players are challenged with catching falling presents in a cart. Rushing back and forth the more presents they catch the more cards they’ll unlock. Switching gears players can test their shooting skills in Shoot It, where tilt controls enable gamers to zero in on floating presents attached to balloons and shoot them down before they get away!

Play N Wish Merry XMas offers reflex based gaming entertainment too! In Throw It players are charged with stopping two gauges on either side of their mobile devices screen at just the right time to set the angle and power behind a tank’s shots. Christmas presents are the ammunition and and Santa Claus’ sleigh is the target. More presents on target means more Christmas cards to use for players! Lastly, the app gives gamers the opportunity to see not simply how well they can catch falling presents, but how fast they can do it! In Drop It, users race to catch presents thrown over a waterfall by Santa before they sink underwater and out of reach. 

Together these four games make finding and unlocking the perfect e-cards to wish family and friends a merry Christmas with as fun and exciting as celebrating Christmas itself!  

Don't delay!  Buy Play N Wish Merry XMas today!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Play N Wish Merry XMas Instructions

The question mark provides in-game playing tips.

For further assistance please email

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Potato Face Instructions

For further support please email
Hot Potato Face Supreme now allows you to use your own task list as well as the default list.  Steps to use a new task list:
1.  Make a text file of fun tasks, each on its own line.
2.  Change the file extension to ".tasks"
3.  Email the file to your iPhone email account.
4.  Open the email in your iPhone.
5.  Press and hold down on the attachment until a menu opens up.
6.  Select 'Open in "HotPotatoFaceSupreme"'
7.  Have fun!